Brand Health Measurement
and Monitoring

Effectively building brand strength

A healthy and differentiated brand is a vital asset; it helps organizations deepen loyalty, defend against substitution and realize opportunities for growth.

Our brand health framework is a proven tool for monitoring and building the strength of your brand. Combined with our Social Values-based understanding of what matters to consumers, the brand health framework can help you identify threats, and guide marketing and communications efforts – all with a view to protecting and enhancing your market position.

The Environics Brand Equity Builder

Our Brand Equity Builder tool helps organizations establish relevant and actionable brand performance measures designed to deepen existing relationships and grow new ones. The framework is grounded in a set of salience measures that help to establish your “share of mind” – factors like your brand’s visibility, and the associations people make with it. The system then builds to a set of higher-order affinity measures – like the extent to which your brand helps to create a bond with your customers. These affinity measures are critical for deepening your relationships with customers and increasing your “share of wallet.”
The entire framework can be adapted to the brands and market positions of specific organizations or products. Our team creates a tailored measurement system, drawing on a combination of stakeholder consultation, consumer research and expert judgement. We ensure that your brand metrics (e.g., trust, value for money) link to other key performance indicators so you can evaluate the effectiveness of brand activities. We also work collaboratively with you to iterate and refine your metrics as your brand and market position evolve over time.

Develop a Brand Health model that fits your strategic objectives

There are many different frameworks for interpreting and analyzing any given brand. We conduct extensive consultations to understand the most important factors in your brand’s health, based on how your organization operates today, and where it wants to be in the next three to five years.

Bring clarity to your competitive landscape

Environics’ extensive experience across sectors and industries, combined with rich customer insights, help our clients understand how their own brands intersect within the evolving market context. We’ve helped a diverse range of organizations – including those with complex market and regulatory challenges – to enhance their brand positioning.

Generate insights you can act on

A Brand Health model is only as good as your organization’s ability to act on it. We deliver an accessible and actionable model, with insights your stakeholders can trace directly to strategic priorities. We can combine this model with other offerings, such as Social Listening, to provide key decision-makers with a read on how their brand is performing in real time, empowering them to be responsive to emergent issues.

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