Understanding an emerging sector


Understanding an emerging sector

As Canadians navigate the newly legalized cannabis sector, more and more importance is being placed on understanding the potential customers of this lucrative new industry and collecting public attitudes and viewpoints on policy updates. As a leader in understanding Canadian Social Values, Environics is uniquely positioned to provide organizations, both public and private, with the tools they need to succeed in this emerging sector.

Establishing The Drivers Of Satisfaction

Measuring satisfaction in the cannabis space is only useful if we also understand the factors that shape it. We do more than gather and report data. We build collaborative, consultative partnerships with public and private sector clients – working together to craft tailored approaches to their unique audience. This helps us ask the right questions and gather meaningful feedback. Decision-makers emerge from the process ready to make sound choices and move forward with confidence.

Informing Communications That Resonate

To communicate effectively about a policy or product, organizations need to understand not just what’s important about their message, but what’s important to their audiences. Crafting truly relevant cannabis sector communications requires insight into the context in which they’re received. Our Social Values framework helps organizations communicate meaningfully – about issues, policies and strategy – by understanding their audiences’ outlooks and motivations.

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Consumer and Stakeholder Engagement

Whether the goal is engaging constituents or hard-to-reach consumer groups, Environics is skilled at using both traditional and state-of-the-art engagement tools to help you surface a representative spectrum of viewpoints. With a foundational expertise in matter related to cannabis regulation and market strategies, we are able to create effective and efficient engagement experiences. By combining methodological rigour with emerging tools and strategies, our collaborative process empowers leaders to make the most effective decisions.

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