Consumer Lifestyle

Tapping into an evolving consumer landscape

Consumer Lifestyle

Tapping into an evolving consumer landscape

Today’s consumer environment is fragmented and fast-paced. Consumers increasingly learn about and buy products through their social media networks.

People use mobile devices to create private bubbles in public spaces. Media diets are tightly customized as personal choices and algorithms reinforce each other. In this context, brands seeking to build customer loyalty and reach new markets need powerful tools to differentiate themselves and cut through the noise.

Understanding and Segmenting Consumers

To compete effectively, brands need to understand their customers deeply – to know what they’re seeking in specific categories, and how their choices connect to their underlying worldviews and motivations. Our Social Values-based analysis helps firms gain rich insight into current and prospective customers. We work collaboratively with you to segment and target your key customer groups, and bring these groups to life through personification exercises. For close to two decades, we’ve helped major brands uncover – and speak directly to – the desires and priorities that drive their customers’ choices.

Strengthening Loyalty

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the consumer landscape dramatically, especially with respect to online commerce. In this context, a healthy and differentiated brand is a vital asset, helping firms defend against substitution and disruptive new entrants. Our Brand Health framework is a proven tool for monitoring and building the strength of your brand. Combined with our deep, Social Values-based understanding of what matters to consumers, the Brand Health framework can help you identify threats and guide marketing and communications efforts, all with a view to protecting and enhancing your market position.

Mapping Customer Journeys

We work with clients to understand the path to purchase. Mapping the entire customer journey, we surface the goals, challenges, emotions and pain points consumers experience at every stage of the process. Next, we help to inform contextually appropriate tools and messaging – and even new offerings – that deepen engagement help you and realize the full potential of your relationships. In addition to streamlining the customer journey and enhancing communications, we uncover barriers to purchase and how they operate, helping to unlock business you may not know you’re missing out on.

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