Understanding today’s transportation needs and tomorrow’s solutions



Understanding today’s transportation needs and tomorrow’s solutions

The way we move people and goods is constantly and rapidly changing.

Technology, policy and culture are all driving profound shifts in transportation. New tools and business models are combining to make consumers’ choices more varied and complex. To understand the opportunities and challenges facing mobility leaders – from automakers and tech providers, to transit systems and regulators – it’s vital to understand how consumers’ thinking about factors like convenience, cost and safety are shaped by their underlying values.

Identifying the Needs of the Mobility Consumer

A couple of decades ago, a consumer’s main decision was what kind of car to buy. Today’s choices are far more complex. Increasingly, mobility consumers consider a suite of options, including public transit, ride-sharing and car-sharing, in addition to vehicle ownership. To develop products and solutions for unmet consumer needs, organizations must understand human motivations and how they set the context for decisions on any given trip occasion. Our Social Values framework reveals why consumers make the choices they do under specific circumstances. This deeper level of insight can reveal new growth opportunities for solutions such as shared transit, and can also point to fertile ground for electric and autonomous innovation adoption.

Connecting Providers with Target Customers

Consumers face an array of mobility options that are constantly evolving and proliferating. Attracting customers to your solution amid the myriad of possibilities requires a value proposition that resonates with their unique needs. Our understanding of how mobility consumers weigh factors such as convenience, price, flexibility and sustainability can help your business develop a marketing strategy that will drive adoption.

Strengthen Customer Loyalty

In a rapidly changing mobility landscape, a healthy, differentiated brand is a vital asset; it helps firms to defend against substitution and compete against disruptive new entrants. Our Brand Health framework is a proven tool for monitoring and building the strength of your brand. Combined with our deep understanding of what matters to consumers, the Brand Health framework can help you identify threats, and guide marketing and communications efforts – all with a view to protecting and enhancing your market position.

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