Cultural Markets and Diversity

Reaching diverse and underserved communities

Cultural Markets and Diversity


Reaching diverse and underserved communities

Canada is one of the most diverse societies on earth.

As immigration from around the world continues to shape the Canadian landscape, it’s now more important than ever for leaders – from policy-makers, to marketers, to service providers – to be informed about the varied perspectives of Canadians. We specialize in identifying and engaging with diverse communities, including those that are often underserved and under-represented in research. While traditional research methodologies can overlook these groups, our techniques, technologies and extensive project experience make us effective at engaging these communities effectively – where they live and on their own terms.

Identify new market opportunities

Hard-to-reach audiences are sometimes overlooked as potential markets. Often, organizations don’t know what they don’t know when it comes to engaging with these communities. By filling these knowledge gaps and engaging diverse audiences in ways that are culturally sensitive and relevant to these groups, organizations can open the door to untapped audiences and broaden their reach.

Gain access to new perspectives

Whether your organization’s goal is to develop a new product, optimize customer experience, or craft public policy, it’s important to understand the full spectrum of perspectives. A one-size-fits-all research approach risks creating a distorted picture of the population you serve, under-representing diverse audiences, with negative consequences for your offering. Specialized strategies for customer or stakeholder engagement will ground your work on a more complete understanding of the social landscape.

Inform effective communications strategies

Crafting effective messages requires a deep understanding of how your audiences see the world, and what will resonate them. This process also takes time, sensitivity, and often an element of co-design with the target groups of interest to ensure decision-making is informed by direct and relevant feedback. Our team’s work is grounded in these important considerations.

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