Vijay Wadhawan

VP – Health and Wellness

Vijay has an over 15 year career and proven track record in catalyzing significant change within the healthcare sector. Spanning across various roles encompassing frontline healthcare operations, dynamic sales and marketing roles, digital marketing strategy, and brand strategic consulting, Vijay’s expertise revolves around steering organizations towards forging meaningful connections with both their customers and stakeholders.

Vijay is a strong proponent of anchoring research through the application of psychographics and Environics Social Values segmentations. Leveraging these unique offerings, Vijay has refined the art of transforming intricate data into actionable narratives that not only shed light on stakeholders’ viewpoints but also cultivate empathy. Through strategically designed research initiatives and his experience in training and facilitation he helps cross functional teams develop impactful engagement strategies.

As a dedicated collaborator, Vijay frequently partners with other specialized domains within Environics, affording him a comprehensive grasp of the healthcare landscape. His involvement in projects spanning health policy, pricing and insurance, branding and communications, coupled with his expertise in extracting healthcare insights from vulnerable and underserved populations, give him a uniquely well-rounded perspective on the state of healthcare.


366 Adelaide Street West
Suite 101, Toronto, ON
Canada M5V 1R9
416 920 9010


116 Albert St
Suite 300, Ottawa, ON
Canada K1P 5G3
613 230 5089


421 7th Ave SW
Suite 3000, Calgary, AB
Canada T2P 4K9
403 613 5735

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