Customer Experience and Journey Mapping

Mapping your customers’ journey

Social science has shown that people don’t always know what drives their own choices.

What does that mean for businesses? To be truly competitive, marketers need to go beyond superficial measures of satisfaction – what customers say matters to them – to understand how consumers experience a product or service at every point along the customer journey.

Understanding what drives your customers

We work with clients to gain deep insight into the factors that underpin client experience. Our model takes into account both dimensions of stated importance (what customers say) and dimensions of inferred importance – measures like “willingness to recommend,” which correlate with key behaviours. We help our clients enhance experience and drive growth by understanding patterns and relationships in customers’ behaviours, motivations and descriptions of their experience.

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Trusted guidance

Clients’ dedicated use, over time, of our customer experience measurement tools is a testament to the value of these tools. Some organizations have been using our tools and guidance for more than a decade. Clients tell us our customer experience models help them keep learning and adapting over time, continually gaining new insights. In addition to supporting business improvements in specific areas, some also tell us they observe a broader shift to a more evidence-based decision-making culture across their organization.

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