Educational Research

Understanding students, parents, alumni and educators from K-12 through to post-secondary and continuing education

Educational Research

Understanding students, parents, alumni and educators from K-12 through to post-secondary and continuing education

Understanding the Education Sector


The education sector spans from early learning through to post-secondary education and beyond. Understanding stakeholder needs at every stage is at the core of our work.

Whether it’s gathering parent perceptions of the education system, identifying resources required to support teachers, understanding alumni engagement, or gaining insight into motivations to attend university (and choose the right one), understanding the many stakeholders within the education sector is a complex task. Environics works with organizations in the K-12 and post-secondary education sectors to identify their research needs and design and deliver studies that will meet their objectives.

Our rich understanding of the education landscape lets us go beyond delivering data and reports. We work with our clients as partners, helping them to fully understand the education journey from all angles, taking into account the views of administrators, educators, parents, alumni, and students. This holistic view unlocks new, actionable insights.

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Communication Strategy

We support schools’ communication efforts by helping them better understand their audiences, including by using tools like social values segmentations and personas.
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Service Development & Long-Term Engagement

We help foster vibrant, engaged communities of learners by understanding the journeys and priorities of students and alumni.
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Brand Building

We help schools understand their reputations and build strong brands.

As part of our strategic planning process, we engaged Environics to help us gain a better understanding of educators needs across Ontario’s public school system. Through their focus groups, we were able to learn a lot about our target audience and develop a tailored strategy to better meet their needs. Environics was collaborative, responsive, and adaptable throughout the project and we hope to have the opportunity to work with them again!

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