Powerful audience insights

Market segmentation was created to help firms compete by understanding and responding to the needs of different customer groups.

In addition to guiding effective marketing efforts, a good segmentation provides a powerful way to understand and identify with customer groups. Personifying and planning around key segments help teams develop shared insight into customers – and turn that insight into action.

How can we

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Realizing the full potential of your segmentation solution

Drawing on our powerful Social Values research, Environics has built an extensive track record of guiding clients through segmentation development processes that balance analytical rigour with the practical needs of end users. We help organizations go beyond demographics to gain valuable insights into their customers’ deep motivations. Clients emerge from the process ready to work and communicate in new ways – deepening loyalty and opening up new markets.

It applies beyond marketing

The most effective segmentations are used right across the organization – in areas ranging from product development to operations. A clear consensus about who your organization serves can help you achieve powerful alignment across all functions, helping to optimize resource allocation, increase sales and improve overall marketing performance.

It’s not only about the math

The creation of productive market segments is as much art and expertise as it is science and statistics. The best solution is one that balances complexity and usability. It should be simple enough to be clear and memorable, but complex enough to increase an organization’s shared understanding of its market. Our unique combination of advanced analytics capabilities, industry knowledge and experience helping organizations implement segmentations empower us to deliver a tailored solution that works in your context.

Execution is the point

A wide array of sophisticated methods can be used to generate a segmentation – but the best solution is the one you can put into action to realize your goals. We consult carefully to understand your team’s diverse needs, and the multiple contexts in which the segmentation will be used. In successful segmentations, storytelling, creative tools and the memorability of the segments’ key characteristics are more important than the technical sophistication of the solution.

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