Individual and Group Insurance

Understanding the needs and expectations of insurance advisors and customers

Individual and Group Insurance

Understanding the needs and expectations of insurance advisors and customers

Insurance coverage is critical to financial security, for individuals and organizations alike.

Having the right coverage in place – to protect against property damage, injury and illness, inability to work or loss of life – can make the difference between resilience and catastrophe. For employers, offering the right mix of group insurance benefits can also be a powerful tool for the recruitment and retention of top talent. We work collaboratively with insurance providers to make business gains by identifying needs and opportunities among individual policy-holders, employee group plan members and group plan sponsors. We also work with plan consultants and advisors as they serve each of these client groups – from individuals seeking appropriate coverage to group plan sponsors developing competitive benefits packages.

Brand Strength Analysis

We work with insurance firms to understand what matters most to advisors, and how advisors see specific insurance products and providers. Established firms and new entrants alike turn to Environics to gain competitive insights – to gauge the perceived strengths and weaknesses of their brands, to assess the reputational effects of recent changes, and to identify opportunities to grow. Drawing on our team’s 25 years of experience in the insurance industry, as well as custom and proprietary research products like our annual Advisor Perception Study, we deliver a unique combination of evidence and analysis that helps insurers act with confidence.

Understanding Emerging Customer Needs

Insurers are working to keep pace with customers’ rising expectations when it comes to speed, convenience and customization. But not all customers have the same appetite for innovation. Indeed, Canadians on average have been slow to adopt new technologies related to their financial lives. We work in close partnership with insurers to understand and target customer groups based on their orientations to important concepts like change, complexity and risk as well as to more concrete questions of technological adaptation. Drawing on our segmentation capabilities and extensive industry experience, we help clients craft offerings and messages that resonate.

Evaluating Sales Team Performance

As the head of sales for your company, how do you know whether your sales professionals are truly doing an effective job in their territories? Are they spending too much time with existing supporters, and failing to connect with new prospects, or underserving their current base? Are they simply reciting product and performance facts, or bringing valuable business-building ideas to their clients? How do they compare to your competitors’ sales professionals? We’ve developed effective tools for tracking and comparing the performance of your sales team. Our annual Wholesaler Effectiveness Study evaluates sales representatives across 10 critical dimensions for success, producing individual report cards for each wholesaler or inside sales rep. Our Touchpoint Evaluation Program links to your CRM system to deploy a short, customizable survey within 24-48 hours of a sales interaction to quickly capture clients’ immediate assessments.

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