Technology & Commerce 

Providing an understanding of changing consumer expectations

Technology & Commerce

Providing an understanding of changing consumer expectations

Consumer expectations are constantly increasing – especially with respect to speed and customization.

Today’s consumer wants products and services that meet their needs quickly and easily, while at the same time delivering an experience tailored to their individual needs. Brands that fail to balance speed and customization can find customer loyalty weakening and growth flagging. As firms work to keep pace with customers’ needs, technology is a critical target for investment – but implementing the right solutions requires human and strategic insight, as well as technological capabilities. We work with clients to develop the user insights and strategic intelligence to enhance customer experience and deepen loyalty.

Understanding Digital Consumers

What customers expect from your business is constantly changing – but some changes matter more than others. To plan and execute effective competitive strategies, decision-makers need a fundamental understanding of human motivations and how they set the context for consumers’ expectations. Our Social Values framework reveals why consumers make the choices they do, and can uncover new opportunities for growth and innovation across the entire consumer journey.

Ideation and Innovation

Whether you’re creating a new product or building a new business, understanding consumer dynamics – from emerging trends, to deep social change – can help to position your offering for success. We’ve been tracking consumer motivations and combining these insights with behavioural data for more than three decades. Today, we combine our powerful research approaches with real-time social listening tools, to anticipate how consumers will respond to product and service innovation. We do more than deliver research; we work collaboratively with you to anticipate changes in the market and maximize your return on investment.

Strengthening Customer Loyalty

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the consumer landscape dramatically, especially with respect to online commerce. In this context, a healthy and differentiated brand is a vital asset, helping firms defend against substitution and disruptive new entrants. Our Brand Health framework is a proven tool for monitoring and building the strength of your brand. Combined with our deep understanding of what matters to consumers, the Brand Health framework can help you identify threats, and guide marketing and communications efforts – all with a view to protecting and enhancing your market position.

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