Workplace Culture, Spaces and People

Understanding organizations, teams and cultures

Workplace Culture, Spaces and People

Understanding organizations, teams and cultures

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, the world of work was already being transformed by the increased prevalence of gig arrangements, changing expectations about leadership, and other major trends.

Questions about the pace and impact of automation added another dimension of uncertainty. COVID-19 has accelerated some existing trends, such as remote working, and complicated many aspects of work – from the largest strategy questions, to the details of home tech support. We’re working with clients to understand the diverse needs and motivations across their organizations, positioning them to build strong teams and cultures that will be ready for growth and resilience in a post-pandemic economy.

Deepen Engagement

Employee experience and engagement are fundamental to any organization’s ability to recruit and retain the right talent. Understanding your team members’ mindsets and motivations is a vital step toward building more effective engagement programs. Drawing on our Social Values-based tools and data, we work with clients to help them understand how individual team members relate to workplace and organizational issues – from leadership, to complexity, to social impact. Building on these insights, we work with leaders to craft policies, communications and activities that resonate with team members, align with your organization’s values and purpose, and draw out the best qualities in your people and culture.

Manage Change

Organizations need and want dynamic young talent, as well as the skills and insights that come with experience. But managing an intergenerational workforce can bring a unique set of challenges; if left unaddressed, these challenges can lead to tension, diminished productivity and even departures. By using Social Values tools to understand different motivations and outlooks across different generational cohorts – as well as within cohorts (every generation is internally diverse) – leaders can help to facilitate effective communication and collaboration, and build mutual understanding that has the power to enhance organizational culture and performance.

Use Human Insights to Inform Workplace Design and Planning

Choosing and refining workplaces that support peak performance – from focus and well-being, to collaboration and communication – was a priority for leaders before the COOVID-19 pandemic. Now, having adapted to widespread remote working, many workplaces are rethinking their physical locations entirely, with some declaring they’ll no longer have office space at all. A range of factors shape employees’ relationships with their workspaces; these may include their individual roles and working styles, as well as contextual factors like their commute times or home environments. Values also play a role; while some team members will adapt readily to change and value the autonomy they gain from working off-site, others will be unsettled by the disruption and long for interpersonal connection. We work with clients to understand and segment their teams according to needs, values and attitudes, even creating personas that support scenario planning and targeted communications.

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