Tourism & Leisure

Creating a roadmap for engaging the post-pandemic traveler

Tourism & Leisure

Creating a roadmap for engaging the post-pandemic traveler

Before the COVID-19 pandemic derailed global tourism, the industry was growing and diversifying quickly. Firms and destinations were working hard to differentiate themselves – to create unique, meaningful experiences that could compete for travellers’ time and money against a vast field of options. Now, the pandemic has created fears and logistical hurdles that will affect travel habits and preferences long after official restrictions are lifted. Our clients are turning to us to help them think beyond the immediate recovery period, to create a roadmap for engaging the post-pandemic traveller in the years to come.

Understanding and Segmenting Travellers

To compete effectively, tourism operators need to understand their customers deeply – to know what travellers are seeking from their journeys, and how travel choices connect to underlying worldviews and motivations. Our Social Values-based analysis helps venues, destinations and attractions gain rich insight into visitors. We work collaboratively with you to segment and target your key customer groups, and bring these groups to life through personification exercises. For close to two decades, we’ve helped major operators uncover – and speak directly to – the desires and priorities that drive their customers’ travel choices.

Crafting Communications that Resonate

The best communications cut through the noise by speaking directly to the things travellers care most about. We help you link your brand and offerings to customers’ values, tapping into the deep motivations that inspire them to travel. By combining our Social Values-based analysis with competitive audits, creative testing and other practices, we help to shape marketing and communications programs that connect with priority audiences – and set your attraction, venue or destination apart.

Creating and Enhancing Offerings

In an industry defined by experiences, success relies on the ability to imagine, craft and refine activities and moments that people will remember. Our team designs ideation and co-creation workshops – as well as concept testing exercises, creative problem-solving sessions and other practices – that help venues and destinations bring new travel and leisure offerings to life. Drawing on more than 15 years’ experience with a wide range of clients, from film festivals and museums, to ticketing firms and tourism boards, we help you and your customers create next year’s unforgettable experiences.

Mapping Customer Journeys

Many aspects of travel have changed in the last two decades – from how people research and plan trips, to the experiences they pursue, to how they document and share their travel stories. We work with you to map the entire customer journey; surfacing the goals, challenges, emotions and pain points travellers experience at every stage of the process. Next, we help to inform contextually appropriate tools and messaging – and even new offerings – that deepen your engagement with travellers, and realize the full potential of your relationships with new and existing customers.

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