Health and Wellness

Providing guidance to a changing sector

Health and Wellness

Providing guidance to a changing sector

Understanding the health and wellness sector


It is more challenging than ever, as physicians’ values undergo deep intergenerational change and a powerful trend toward patient empowerment transforms the landscape. With the help of our proprietary Social Values-based platforms like MDConnect™ and PatientConnect™, we offer insight into these new realities and their implications, and work collaboratively with you to develop and implement effective strategies.

Effective Physician Engagement

Understanding and communicating with physicians is fundamental to success in the health and wellness sector. Our proprietary Social Values-based analysis gives you a strategic roadmap, delivering in-depth profiles of individual physicians that get to the heart of the attitudes and beliefs that drive their decisions.

Learn more about MDConnect™, our Physicians Segmentation tool.

Patient Centric Approaches

Healthcare decisions are no longer being made by physicians alone. With access to more healthcare information than ever before, patients have become increasingly more empowered to optimize their own healthcare choices. Our proprietary patient segmentation tool gives our clients a deeper understanding of the values that shape patients’ thinking, and places those patients at the centre of their marketing and communications strategies.

Learn more about PatientConnect™, our Patient segmentation tool .

A 360° Approach To Healthcare Journeys

Our in-depth understanding of the health and wellness landscape lets us go beyond just providing you with data. We work with our clients as partners, helping them to fully understand the healthcare journey from all angles, including the decision-making processes of physicians, patients and payers. This holistic view unlocks new, actionable insights. Together, we surface planning opportunities that improve overall customer experience with your brand, and enhance your ability to acquire and retain customers.

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