Providing insight you can act on

Our unique understanding of motivations, attitudes and behaviours allows us to work with clients and help them form actionable solutions.

Working As Partners

We dedicate ourselves to ensuring that the information, insights and recommendations we provide are relevant, accurate and actionable. By challenging assumptions and probing potential outcomes, we ensure that our client’s problem is meticulously defined. We are also, of course, ever mindful of our client’s time frames and resources, and involve and inform them as much as possible to maximize our deliverables’ applicability.

An Early Innovator

Environics was one of the first to develop ongoing databases of information about the motivations, attitudes and behaviours relating to important issues. While other research companies were still relying entirely on custom research surveys, our innovative approach was providing us with incomparable context that has dramatically increased the value of information we deliver today.

A Social Values Leader

Our unmatched understanding of social values has given us great insight into the things people hold most important in their lives. New products and services that are difficult to describe in simple survey questions might be challenging for some organizations to handle, but with our understanding of social values we can accurately predict responses and even chart the evolution of social trends to put our insights into a larger context.



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