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Environics Research is a leader in tracking Canadian public opinion.

We conduct ongoing research on a wide range of issues facing Canadians, identifying long-term trends and offering evidence-driven assessments of where public attitudes will shift next. Our extensive public opinion databases – consistently updated and expanded over time – let us provide a richly informed background analysis of nearly any current issue. This extensive contextual knowledge, combined with our ability to offer guidance on precise questionnaire design and data interpretation, have made us trusted research partners to leaders across the country.

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Syndicated studies

Environics has a record of leadership in producing relevant knowledge about issues of the day, key trends and the social values that shape Canadians’ decisions. The company’s long-term commitment to public policy and thought leadership is reflected in part through our record of launching ground-breaking syndicated research studies.


Launched in 1976, our quarterly FOCUS CANADA study has tapped opinions, attitudes and expectations on issues defining the public agenda in Canada for over four decades. FOCUS CANADA provides decision-makers in the public, private and non-profit sectors with a timely source of public intelligence. It covers general policy issues, as well as specific areas of interest such as national unity, Canada-U.S. relations, the balance of responsibilities and resources across jurisdictions, and the sustainability of public programs. Environics makes this data publicly available through the Canadian Opinion Research Archive (Queen’s University). Since 2010, FOCUS CANADA has been conducted as an ongoing public interest project through the Environics Institute.


This semi-annual syndicated research service (spring and fall) provides the public, private and non-profit sectors with ongoing intelligence and insight about GTA public opinion on key issues facing municipalities. Dating back to the late 1980s, the survey (formerly known as Metropoll) provides the most complete source of GTA-specific public opinion. It features a wealth of trend analysis on issues like confidence in the economy; and satisfaction with, and perceptions of, local governance and services, taxation, transportation and quality of life.

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Environics Canadian Social Values Monitor

One of the world’s most powerful marketing and decision-making guides for business and government, this innovative tool uncovers human motivations and relationships to brands, products, services, policies and political positions by tracking the values of individuals aged 15 and older. Organizations in Canada and around the world use our Social Values Monitor to understand consumers, build marketing programs, craft human resources strategies and inform social policy.

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