Introducing Environics Workplace Culture Practice

Transforming Workplace Culture Through Social Values and Psychographics

Article by Vijay Wadhawan

In today’s dynamic business world, understanding the heartbeat of your organization – your employees – is critical. Environics has a long history and specialization in understanding people’s behaviours through social values and psychographic mindset measures and has built a consultative approach to insights that helps organizations not only understand people through this lens but also helps organizations tangibly leverage these insights in order to refine business strategy and practices.

Our interaction with clients has given us insights into the rapid transformation of workplaces in the post-pandemic era, influenced by the integration of AI and the complexities of multi-generational teams. These challenges have inspired us to find ways to help organizations foster agility and cultivate an environment where innovation, productivity, and employee satisfaction flourish, we recognize that conventional employee satisfaction surveys and personality assessments fall short. Environics’ forward-thinking methodology, firmly rooted in the exploration of social values and psychographics, provides organizations with a distinctive perspective on their workforce. This approach addresses the current and emerging challenges faced by business leaders, offering a robust framework for understanding and nurturing their most valuable asset – their employees.

What does it mean to understand employee values?

At the core of a thriving workplace is a deep understanding of what drives and motivates employees. Values and psychographics, which include mindsets around work are pivotal in shaping an employee’s engagement and productivity. Recognizing and valuing these aspects can lead to a more inclusive and dynamic work environment, where employees feel genuinely understood and respected

How to Create a Resilient Culture Through Values Understanding and Alignment

A resilient culture is one that can adapt to changes and bounce back from challenges. By aligning company policies and practices with employee values, organizations can create a strong sense of belonging and purpose. This alignment leads to employees feeling more invested in their work and the company’s success, fostering a culture of resilience and adaptability.

Using Values to Boost Employee Satisfaction and Retention

One of the most significant outcomes of understanding employee values is heightened satisfaction and retention. Employees who feel that their values align with, and are understood and respected by their employer’s, are more likely to stay committed and loyal. This reduces turnover rates and the associated costs of hiring and training new staff, while also enhancing the overall morale and productivity of the team.

Elevating Company Image through Employee Advocacy

When employees feel valued and understood, they become advocates for the company. This advocacy is not just limited to their professional networks but extends to their social circles, enhancing the company’s image in the broader market. A positive internal culture reflects externally, attracting not only potential employees but also customers and partners who want to associate with a company that values its people.

How To Bring Your Organization Into The Future

Environics’ new offering is not just a tool; it’s a paradigm shift in how businesses relate to their workforce. By embracing the insights provided by social values and psychographics, organizations can not only solve current challenges but also pave the way for a more resilient, innovative, and harmonious workplace culture. Let Environics guide you in this transformative journey, harnessing the power of values to create a thriving, future-ready business.

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