Passion and Purpose at Environics

A Candid Conversation with Kosta


Kosta, a valued member of the Environics team shares insights into his unique career path, highlighting the key themes that define his experience.


What drew you to Environics?

It came down to the people and the collaborative nature of the work environment. Environics felt like more than just a workplace. It’s a place where the vibe is natural, and everyone’s encouraged to be their best selves. The people-first approach and the organic culture just clicked with me. It’s not about formalities; it’s about genuine connections and growth.



some of the environics team preparing dinner

The winning chalet! This pic was taken during our company retreat last year. At the end of our three days, the chalet with both the best lunch AND the least waste generated was awarded the choice of a local Collingwood charity that the company would donate to.


Can you share some insights from impactful projects you’ve been a apart of in the Health and Wellness space?

Absolutely. One memorable project centered around a rare disease, providing me with an intimate understanding of its profound impact on those affected. Speaking directly to individuals with this rare condition and hearing their lived experience left an indelible mark. Witnessing the passion of healthcare practitioners in managing patients and working to raise awareness was inspiring. Another significant experience involved better understanding an ageing population and their needs. Conversations with elders and caregivers unveiled insights that transcended professional growth, offering a profound perspective on life and its nuances. I was grateful to take part in research that gave people who are too seldom heard from an opportunity to share their life experience.



How did you find your way to Environics?

My journey started in market research, crunching numbers and enjoying the puzzle. While I was freelancing, I was able to explore the adventure of starting my own business. Working with wineries in Greece and importing great wine from small, family-owned business — it was my little passion project. Environics, though, was different. It wasn’t just about the job. It’s a place where my professional skills and personal interests could coexist.



How do you embrace curiosity for continuous growth?

I believe it’s about keeping an open mind. I try to learn from the experiences and perspectives of others. I also like to keep my finger on the pulse. Staying relevant amid industry flux requires a multifaceted approach and for me being a curious individual certainly helps. I stay updated on tech, industry shifts, and what evolving challenges our clients face in healthcare. While I try to stay ahead of the curve as best I can, obviously no one can be an up-to-the-minute expert on every topic – what matters is staying open, agile and adaptable.



What are your holistic goals for the coming year?

Personally, I’ve come to realize that living a healthy life isn’t only about going to the gym. Which wasn’t something I really enjoyed doing all that much in the past. Now, I look to stay physically active by going hiking with my dog and playing sports with friends. I even joined a group workout class that makes training fun and dynamic. My focus is also on maintaining my mental health, ensuring I remain resilient and can overcome any challenges that come my way. Spending time with family and friends is a priority for me. I also sprinkle in a little yoga, meditation, and breathwork here and there. I think all these practices, combined with continuous learning and discovery on the professional side, should provide me with balance and fulfillment this year and beyond.



First item that comes to mind when I say Bucket List?

I would love to see the northern lights. They represent more than just a spectacle; they’re about awe and discovery. Planning a trip up north is about embracing adventure and appreciating the extraordinary moments our world has to offer. I hope to be able to infuse my life with more unforgettable experiences that will stay with me for a lifetime.


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