Is The Public Losing Faith In Experts? – An MRIA Ottawa Chapter Event

Tony Coulson

Recently, the Ottawa Chapter of the MRIA hosted a panel to discuss the “Authenticity Paradox” and whether or not the public is losing faith in experts. Following the panel discussion, some additional thoughts on the topic were provided by a series of experts in the field, including Environics Research Group VP of Corporate and Public Affairs, Tony Coulson.

We’ve been studying the social values of Canadians since the 80’s and one of the most pronounced trends we see in that data is a decline in deference to authority

Tony points out that Environics’ proprietary social values research has consistently shown a decline in deference to authority among Canadians and explores how this particular shift is effecting perceptions.

The full panel discussion on this extremely interesting topic is posted below and Tony Coulson’s commentary on the discussion can be viewed above.

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