Providing insight into the rapidly expanding financial technology sector


Providing insight into the rapidly expanding financial technology sector

In today’s financial services landscape, new technology development is impacting the industry in an unprecedented way, with the COVID-19 pandemic only accelerating this trend.

As an industry leader in financial services research, and in the understanding of Canadian Social Values, Environics Research is uniquely positioned to provide relevant, actionable insight into the rapidly evolving FinTech sector.

Understanding Consumer Adoption

Our proprietary Social Values Research Framework allows us to segment potential FinTech adopters in Canada. This unique segmentation not only identifies who those consumer groups are, but also reveals the deeper motivations and attitudes that drive their decision-making. By understanding key groups, and relevant specific brands and services, our clients are able to efficiently target the right audience with tailored messaging to address their particular needs.

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Assessing Brand Awareness and Identifying Market Opportunities

With the rapid pace of change in the FinTech industry, understanding current brand awareness and loyalties among consumers is extremely important when it comes to effective decision-making among incumbents and potential investors. Our Canadian FinTech Syndicated Study allows us to track usage and brand awareness trends over time, and provides accurate market share evaluations of both incumbents and new players in the FinTech sector.

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