The Powerful Women of Financial Services

BY Kait Moreau


This article was written actively avoiding stereotypical “feminine” words in favour of words that have historically highlighted positive traits associated with men. We need to dismantle and re-think our vocabulary so that we can highlight both women and men in the same positive terms without bias. This is a first step in working towards Internationals Women’s Day mission of improving gender equality.

At Environics we unlock human insights to help organizations make better decisions. Our team includes 59% women. I have the pleasure of working closely with six of these inspiring, intelligent women as part of the financial services team. In honour of International Women’s Day, I’ll highlight some of the many admirable characteristics of this outstanding team.

In a recent Financial Services team meeting, everyone shared their family mottos. In listening to each motto, I appreciated how succinctly each expression so accurately encapsulated the individual I know and what she contributes to our team and the world.


“Work hard, be grateful.”

Not only is Arzum industrious, she is also accomplished and versatile, adapting her expansive knowledge from her time in marketing, communications and research. Plus, she shares the most fascinating stories – ask her about her time working in a music studio!


“When given the choice between being right and being kind, choose kind.”

Lauren’s generous nature permeates all her interpersonal interactions, as does her strategic insight; both pivotal in her work helping organizations transition to a sustainable future. Lauren is also a pro at infusing humour into any conversation.


“What do Connells do?! Never give up!”

Virginia’s resolve is on prominent display each time she sets out to learn about a new industry; most recently, she moved from automotive into financial services without missing a beat. That resolve is complemented with a judicious and diplomatic approach that consistently leaves you thinking, “Good point – I didn’t think of that!”


“The most effective way to do it, is to do it.”

Julia never met a task she couldn’t or wouldn’t handle, her steadfastness and bullishness propels her forward and lead her to set (and meet!) aggressive goals. No one is surprised she plans to read 100 books in 2023. (By the way, she only reads 300+-page books.)


“Humans can do anything.”

Tanzin’s optimistic perspective is contagious and her practical approach effective; together, they create one of the combinations the world needs most: a smart mix of inspiration and action. If that isn’t impressive enough, check out the thesis that earned her a Master’s degree in economics; her focus was on the employment effects of Canada’s aging population.


“A willingness to learn beats raw talent any day!”

Bernice is resourceful, possessing the ability to adapt to any situation and continuously evolve and thrive in a rapidly changing business environment. Her bold and innovative approach allows her to explore unbeaten paths and discern new opportunities on the horizon in financial services.


As individuals, each of these women contributes her own unique set of skills to our practice; collectively, they form a well-rounded, confident, and ingenious team. I’ve been with Environics for over 10 years now and it is the people at Environics who make the company so special and who are the reason I continue to look forward to Monday mornings.

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