Cooking At Home 2020 / 2021

In Support of Eva’s

In proud support of Eva’s Initiatives for Homeless Youth (Eva’s), we are pleased to present the Cooking At Home cookbook, a selection of Environics Research staff’s favourite recipes made and borrowed, available for download by donation. Environics Research will match every dollar donated in support of Eva’s – and, as a thank-you, those who donate will receive a digital copy of Cooking At Home via email, made with love from our homes to yours.

Eva’s Initiatives for Homeless Youth (Eva’s) is an award-winning organization that provides shelter, transitional housing and programming to help young people build brighter futures, free of homelessness. With your generosity, we can help Eva’s provide essentials like food and shelter for 123 youth each night, as well as programs that give these young people the skills, confidence and support to live independently.

We sincerely thank you for your kindness in advance, and wish you all the best with your cooking at home!

Eva’s: Initiatives For Homeless Youth

Founded in 1989, Eva’s gives young people the tools to transition out of homelessness permanently. They work with each young person, empowering youth to develop an action plan to achieve their goals and dreams. They meet short-term needs and provide the skills, training and support youth need in the long run.

Eva’s is a bridge to help young people find:

  • A safe place and belonging
  • Permanency and housing
  • Connection to community and their future.

Charity Intelligence Canada chose Eva’s as one of Canada’s top 10 high-impact charities, which deliver returns of 6 times for every dollar donated, compared to average returns of 1-2 times on the dollar. Every dollar donated centres around building young people up, and making sure Eva’s has the capacity to make a difference. Of each dollar donated, approximately:

  • 73 cents goes to Shelter, Transitional Housing and Youth Programs (e.g., food, training, rooms)
  • 12 cents goes to Organizational Administration (e.g., finance management, information technology)
  • 15 cents goes to Fundraising (e.g., events, appeals).

To learn more about Eva’s Initiatives For Homeless Youth, please visit:

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