Professional and B2B Services

Understanding the needs of organizations and the professionals they serve

Professional and B2B Services

Understanding the needs of organizations and the professionals they serve

Because of their complexity and importance, the investment and insurance fields include a dense ecosystem of industry associations, regulatory bodies, and education and credentials providers.

We help these entities understand the changing needs of the organizations and professionals they serve or report to. Whether the goal is stakeholder management or dialogue with hard-to-reach groups, Environics is skilled at using both traditional and state-of-the-art engagement tools to help you surface a representative spectrum of viewpoints. We help you have the right conversations with the right people, equipping you with the insights you need to plan and act with confidence.

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Membership Organizations and Associations

For membership organizations, attracting new members and retaining existing ones are key imperatives. Sustaining a strong base means building engagement and ensuring that members are satisfied with educational offerings, events, chapter activities and other opportunities. We work with professional associations and other organizations to identify what members are seeking when they first join, and to understand ongoing member experience. We also help organizations anticipate the offerings members may want as their interests evolve over the course of their careers, or as they adapt to changes in their field. Drawing on our unique combination of research capabilities and industry experience, we guide membership organizations as they evolve and adapt for relevance and growth.

Industry Associations

Industry associations and organizations focused on specific sectors turn to Environics for insights on sector trends, issues and market data. We keep member organizations informed, helping them drive sector strategies as well as PR and GR approaches. Our evidence and insights, including those synthesized from in-depth interviews with key leaders, not only help associations plan their own initiatives, but enhance their ability to report back to members and other stakeholders on key market data, including industry growth, compensation trends, market share among providers, shared challenges and future forecasting.

Regulatory and Oversight Groups

We help industry regulators, self-regulating organizations (SROs) and other stakeholder groups explore and understand the business and social contexts that shape their work. Although their core concerns may be highly technical, the mandates of oversight groups are shaped by a wider social context that includes everything from business and technology trends to public expectations about transparency and accountability. We use a range of tools and approaches to help regulators and others fulfill their mandates with excellence and maintain credibility with key stakeholder groups, from consumers to firms to governments.

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Professional and B2B Services Insights

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