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Amazon Ads, in partnership with Environics Research, conducted a global, qualitative, and quantitative research study, leveraging our decades-long expertise in tracking consumer Social Values to better understand the context within which consumers develop expectations, behaviors, and brand preferences.

The goal was to facilitate deeper connections between brands and their consumers.

Our Approach

The ‘Higher Impact: Social Values’ study focused on measuring Social Values that impact consumer behaviors and brand choices, and ultimately, uncovered global consumer themes to guide impactful brand marketing through values-driven stories. Our goal was to develop macro-level insights to help brand marketers and brands better understand the values context within which consumers develop the motivations and perspectives that dictate marketplace behaviors. Environics Research & Amazon Ads surveyed 2,840 consumers across the United States, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Canada, and Mexico.


The Higher Impact study allowed us to develop a deeper understanding of consumers’ experiences when it comes to their needs and expectations – and how and why they interact with products, brands, or advertisements. Our study uncovered three core values-driven themes that are shaping the global consumer landscape and impacting consumer actions.

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Why recent shifts in consumer behavior determine how, when, and where brands find their audiences
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How values-driven brands are helping to fulfill consumers’ high expectations.
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The need for transparency to build trust and loyalty.

The findings from the Higher Impact study demonstrate that putting the power of your brand values and conviction front and center can generate impact. Final insights and findings were packaged as collaborative thought-leadership and marketing activities produced by Amazon Ads and shared in a series of formats throughout 2021 & 2022 to showcase how to share compelling values-driven stories and reach new audiences.

The Higher Impact eBook

The Higher Impact eBook hosted on exceeded Amazon Ads’ time on page benchmark by nearly 3X and 78% of readers surveyed rated the eBook highly valuable/valuable. The Higher Impact three-part email nurture series exceeded advertising industry email open rate benchmarks by 221%. Additionally, Amazon Ads blog posts utilizing our insights also exceeded scroll depth (+34.71%) and time on page (+38.5%) benchmarks.


​The ‘Higher Impact: Social Values’ study uncovered that ultimately brand marketers will need to focus on redefining & generating brand value by cultivating meaningful connections with consumers through shared values, represented in what the brand stands for and how it acts.

Overall, the insights and findings from Higher Impact informed 30+ marketing and thought-leadership assets including paid-post content in partnership with the New York Times, T Brand Studio and Adweek, a three-part nurture email series, key-note speaker series content at UnBoxed and IAB, a multitude of Amazon hosted blog posts, and paid and organic social media promotion content. The study has enabled Amazon Ads to leverage their understanding of social values to differentiate themselves as thought-leaders by leaning into consumer-first narratives and data-driven insights.

The New York Times paid post in partnership with T Brand Studio edition of Higher Impact, titled ‘The Power of Brands to Drive Social Change’ exceeded scroll depth benchmarks by 60%, and results from the brand lift study found that 9 in 10 readers successfully recalled the paid post, highlighting the content’s strong memorability and branding. Moreover, the paid post further encouraged readers to visit the Amazon Ads website and strengthened agreement for ‘provides captivating storytelling.’


Associated articles and marketing material produced as a result of the Higher Impact Social Values study.


Global consumers surveyed in the United States and Europe (United Kingdom, Italy, France, Germany and Spain).

About The Client

Amazon Ads helps brands design ad experiences that delight customers and deliver meaningful business results. With Amazon’s first-party insights based on shopping, streaming and browsing signals, brands can craft relevant campaigns that enhance the customer experience. Additionally, Amazon Ads offers solutions across Amazon properties, including Twitch, IMDb TV, Amazon Music, and third-party publishers and exchanges, helping brands reach the right audiences in the right places―no matter where they are on their customer journey.

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